The Ocean Residence

ocean villa 2 luxury langkawi hotels

Ocean Front Villa 2

While there are many Langkawi hotels offering rooms, The Ocean Residence is proud to offer something a little bit more than just a standard hotel room. The Ocean Front Villa 2 is one of the most spacious and luxurious suites at The Ocean Residence. It is a separate building on the[…]

ocean front villa 1 luxury hotel langkawi

Ocean Front Villa 1

Langkawi Island is regarded as one of the best islands in Malaysia for a relaxing getaway. Ocean Front Villa 1 is a true relaxation spot at The Ocean Residence. Based in a prime location that is close to the reception, the Villa is sitting right on a shore of the ocean![…]

Superior Room Long House

Each Superior Room is based in the Long House of The Ocean Residence. Each of the 11 suites have direct access to a 60 meter swimming pool from their terrace and a small tropical garden.Whether you like to start your day with a few invigorating laps across the swimming pool or[…]

Container Suite C10

Container Suite 10 features a double floor apartment with 3 bedrooms, fully functioning kitchen, dining area and a relaxation area upstairs that overlooks the ocean. Each room has its own bathroom with complimentary toiletries available for each guest; there’s also a dedicated seating area where you can relax in private[…]

Superior Triple Garden View

Superior Triple Garden View room is located on the ground floor of the Long House. A 2 bedroom unit contains a large double and a single bed; the suite accommodates 3 adults comfortably. The entrance has a terrace which faces the Long House swimming pool. The entrance to the pool[…]

Long House Superior Garden View

Long House Superior Garden View room is based in the tranquil area of The Ocean Residence and suits perfectly visitors looking to relax further from other visitors. It has an outside terrace and the Long House swimming pool is available within reach if you fancy a swim. The room has[…]

Container Superior C9

Container Superior C9 is a cosy suite for 2 adults. It features large comfortable bed, a seating area for private relaxation and a spacious wardrobe. You will find hot/cold shower facilities and a cosy bathroom attached to the suite. Conveniently facing The Ocean Cafe, the suite will leave your stay[…]

Container Deluxe Premium Plus C8

Painted in a maroon hue to evoke a rusty, vintage look that brings back the memories of long sea voyages and exotic harbors, the Container House is made of 18 industrial freight containers, artfully assembled into an avant-garde building. With the containers still labeled with the original metal plates that[…]

Container Deluxe Premium C7

The Deluxe Premium C7 is a unique apartment where the bedrooms are bedrooms are located on the mezzanine level. The room features a downstairs kitchen and relaxing area and the beds are placed upstairs which creates a feeling you are on a sailing boat. Painted in a maroon hue to[…]


Container Deluxe C6

Container Deluxe C6 is a true luxurious experience at an affordable rate. The room features a fully kitted kitchen, private seating area to relax and a comfortable bed. The room resembles a studio apartment and would be perfect for a couple or anyone looking for a comfortable stay where all[…]

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