The Ocean Residence

3 Swimming Pools

Beautifully landscaped with swaying coconut palms and lush tropical vegetation, the resort grounds boast one of the finest selections of pools on the entire island!.

The LongHouse Pool

Popular among active guests who like to incorporate some exercise while on holidays, the 60 meters long lap- pool is the perfect choice for a daily invigorating swim routine.

Ocean Pool

Luring with mesmerizing views of the Andaman Sea, the atmospheric Ocean Pool is a favorite with couples. Taking a refreshing dip after basking for hours in the tropical sun, you can pretty much spend the entire day just lazing around the Ocean Pool and savoring endless hours of sweet idleness. With a shallow plunge pool section that offers a safe playground for kids, the Ocean Pool is also a popular choice with families.

Tidal Pool

Situated at the water’s edge, the Tidal Pool fills with sea water following the motion of the moon. Lined with a mineral-rich sea mud, the pool provides a balneotherapy experience with a myriad of health benefits for a truly rejuvenating holiday experience!